Sari Silk Fiber - Solid Colour

Sari Silk Fiber - Solid Colour
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We at INDIANSILKSHOP believe in High-Quality Standards and Exotic Fibers at affordable Prices and our "Sari Silk Fiber - Solid Color" will surely fulfill your expectations.

This Sari Silk Fiber is the by product of colorful saris that women wear in India. Silk remnants and leftover of silk yarns from weaving mills in India, these fibers are a mix of colors with fabulous shine.  It is the loose end of saris collected from Industrial mills & Looms in India. Staple length ranges from one inch to one yard.  Card alone or spin as is, toss in as you go--whatever you do will be unique.  Use for wet felting, needle felting, quilting techniques, embroidery, and with an embellisher. Generally handspun yarns are made with this recycled silk. This Fiber is suitable for knitting, weaving, crocheting, decorative tassels, and patchwork.

The vibrant color and unique texture of these silk fibers are inspiration to Hand Spinners and Hand Knitters, designers and artisans.

As per your choice and requirement any quantity of silk from our website will be delivered to your doorstep. If you have any specific choice or color, please get in touch with us and it will be a pleasure for our team of craftsmen to manufacture it for you.

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