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Silk Brick
Silk Brick Silk Brick
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Silk Brick is a preparation that is made after the silk is combed into a rectangle, but before it is made into roving; they are folded tightly and compacted into a little tight rectangle, thus the name derived as Silk Brick. 

We at Indian Silk Shop Belive in Manufacturing High Quality Silk Fiber.

This is the finest range of silk fiber around the world. Which has good luster and shine it can be blended.

Its is used for Felting, Roving and Hand Spun Purpose.

These can also be Dyed in any color of your choice. 

As per your choice and requirement any quantity of silk from our website will be delivered to your doorstep. If you have any specific choice or color, please get in touch with us and it will be a pleasure for our team of craftsmen to manufacture it for you.

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