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There is Silk and there is Silk at INDIANSILKSHOP.COM - an electrifying experience to your silk needs., be it for  Silk knitting, Weaving, Crocheting and Crafting your Innovation and Creativity in house. The luster of Indian silk is number one around the globe which has great shine and strength.

We at INDIAN SILK SHOP strive to make your online shopping Easy and fun with a user-friendly interface so that your shopping experience is unforgettable.


We are the Pioneers, Manufacturers and Trusted Brand since 5 decades in the Silk Industry.

Each product is designed and manufactured craftsmanship at every stage of the production. It is carefully monitored at every stage of the production with utmost care to enhance the silk fiber to be just pure silk what it is known for the centuries.

We are listing few of our products which we are selling across Europe, UK, America and Middle East with great appreciations from our Buyers.

We will provide you with any type of silks yarns as per your requirements. We are number one manufacturers and suppliers of spun, duke and rowing silk yarns in India.

Silk from Indian origin is known for luster,  shine and Tensile strength.  Among all other producers of silk around the world.

At INDIAN SILK SHOP anything and everything is possible in Silk Yarns as per your requirements.



Located in the silk state of India Karnataka. Which is second largest producer of silk in the Entire world. It’s the state where more than 80% of Indian silk is produced. 

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